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Joe grew up between the suburbs of Chicago, IL; San Antonio, TX; and in Columbus, IN. He went to Purdue where he studied Engineering. Soon after, he moved to Dallas, TX and worked as a field salesperson for a few different manufacturing companies. In 2016, he left the world of manufacturing to work at Southwest Airlines. In his free time, Joe enjoys listening to music, 3D modeling, playing with Arduino boards and Raspberry Pis, playing board games, being an amateur mixologist, watching sports, and (of course) eating too much food. (Please note that opinions expressed on this blog are those of Joe, and not of Southwest Airlines.)

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  1. Is the only thing you make for yourself at home hot dogs?

    • No. I also make Mac and Cheese (in the microwave), grilled cheese sandwiches, and upon very rare occasion beer bread.

      I typically make stuff that doesn’t require much preparation or cleanup. Chips and salsa, peanut butter toast, candy, popcorn, nuts, and other things like those are all staples, especially when I’m trying to save money.

      Generally, I’ll eat out.

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