Joe, eating a Texas-shaped burger at Arnold Burger, in Amarillo, TX
“OM NOM NOM NOM.”  Joe, eating a Texas-shaped burger at Arnold Burger, in Amarillo, TX

Joe grew up between the suburbs of Chicago, IL;  San Antonio, TX; and Columbus, IN.  He graduated from Columbus East High School in 2002. After graduation, Joe went to Purdue University and studied engineering.  He graduated in 2007 at Purdue’s Fort Wayne, IN campus (IPFW) with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.  After graduation, he began his professional career working for Belden as an account manager in Dallas, TX. He currently works for Southwest Airlines in IT Project Management.

In his free time, Joe enjoys listening to music, 3D modeling, playing with Arduino boards and Raspberry Pis, watching the Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Stars, playing board games, and (of course) eating a lot of damn food.  He currently resides in University Park, TX.  Joe is an all-round swell guy.

(Please note that opinions expressed on this blog are those of Joe, and not of Southwest Airlines.)

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  1. Dine at Joe’s is fabulously entertaining! And very frightening for the chef’s health. (Surgery donations = nice touch) It could only be better if you made it back to West Laf for a black & gold sundae at Triple XXX Family Restaurant (and how about a “Dwayne Purvis” (sp?) peanut butter burger while you’re at it – and a visit to my house, of course!) Or… on to good ol Indy for a Colts blue milkshake at Steak n Shake during football season! 😉 Now if only someone hadn’t decided to leave Facebook completely, I might have better luck getting in touch with the chef! Please email some contact information for me!!!!

    • Hi Mel – Thanks. We’ll have to get back to Indiana sometime soon…

      Heck I’m easy to get in contact with! You can even leave a comment on my blog!

      I’ll drop you an e-mail in a few…

  2. Holy moley, Joe! You’ve got TONS of food reviews here! We just connected via Yelp — so maybe I’ll see you are some Yelpy thang in town someday. Keep up the great work!

    – Joe too

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