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Broadway Oyster Bar – Oysters, Shrimp, Wings, and Muffaletta


Actually, taken during Monday Night Football earlier this week.  (Colts Vs. Tampa Bay @ Tampa Bay.  Of course, the Colts blew it.)

Appetizers:  Voodoo Shrimp, wings, and Oysters on the Half Shell

Muffaletta Sandwich and homemade chips for dinner.

The “Voodoo Shrimp” were the highlight of the meal.

JR’s Grill

Chili and Onion rings at JR's Grill

Chili with Homemade onion rings at JR's Grill

Chili with homemade onion rings was quite good, though I couldn’t finish the bowl of Chili.  The onion rings were probably the highlight of the meal, which I ate with some ranch sauce, and some ketchup.  (I used more ketchup than ranch.)  I had an iced tea to drink that really hit the spot.