1. Actually, 9/14 was the first anniversary of Dine At Joe’s.

    I was hoping to do the food challenge at Quaker Steak (the atomic wings challenge) but I decided on only eating one… My stomach was a little funny.

    I’m going to write a longer post about the first anniversary, but I need to categorize my meals today first.

  2. That is a good idea! Joe, we never thought to mix a sauce or two! Maybe that would make the Atomic sauce a little more “tasty”, perhaps? You know, for the 8.7 milliseconds where you can actually taste it…

    • Haha… yeah. It’s probably worth a shot. I think the “triple atomic” actually tastes better (again, for the 8.7 milliseconds where you can taste it) because it’s less vinegary and has a good sweet flavor to it.

      …and then the Ghost peppers GETCHA!

      From my one trip to Quaker Steak with Briggs, I can say that most of the sauces I tried were far more milder than I thought they would be. The sauces they call “hot” I call mild-medium. Of course, the atomics and triple atomics are (as Briggs succinctly put it) “weaponized,” but I thought the Buckeye BBQ was medium at best.

      I’m pretty sure I need to try the supercharged. It may be in my ideal range.

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