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Gold Coast Dogs – Hot Dog with Everything


El Sombrero – chicken Fajita chimichanga


Roemer Topf – Rahm schnitzel


Roemer Topf – Appetizers


Pretzel, bread, cheese curds

Mascoutah Local Cuisine


“Ski” is a lot like a local “Mountain Dew.”  It’s actually very good.  They also offer a red “Ski”, similar to “code red”, or as us engineering geeks in college called it, “Coder’s Red.”

Review: Portillo’s Hot Dogs

My family ordering at Portillos

My family ordering at Portillos

Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Portillo’s is arguably the “flagship” chain for THE Chicago Hot Dog and THE Italian Beef Sandwich.

There are hundreds and hundreds of non-franchised hot dog joints in Chicago that are like Portillo’s.  As a result, tike any other “chain” I’ve heard of Portillo’s being criticized because they are one.  This doesn’t bother me at all.

The Hot Dogs and Italian Beefs are legendary.  The burgers are pretty good too (think char-broiled), but it’s almost a waste to go to Portillo’s and get anything but  hot dogs / Italian beef.  This may be due to the fact that I no longer live closely to Chicagoland and when I return, I must use my limited number of dining experiences at Portillo’s wisely.

With your hot dogs / Italian beef, you can get fries, but I HIGHLY recommend the onion rings.  They are very good here.

If you can fit it, the German Chocolate Cake is pretty good for desert.

One more thing–If you go here and elect to get a hot dog, don’t order ketchup on your hot dog.  If you are interested in the quintessential Chicago hot dog experience, order “a hot dog with everything”.