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American Airlines Center – Chicken Tenders


American Airlines Center – Footlong Hot Dog


Lucas Oil Stadium – Brat and Popcorn


Scottrade Center – Buffalo Tender Basket


American Airlines Center – Blondie

Again, not my picture, because I forgot to take it.  (I was distracted by the game.)  The real one looked bigger than all of these put together, but about the same size and consistency.  It was really good, and tasted kind of like chocolate chip cookie dough with a little bit of toffee thrown in for great texture.  It was quite good.

American Airlines Center – Burrito

Again, not my picture–I inhaled the “real” one because I was starving.

This burrito didn’t disappoint (and actually looked a lot like the picture shown!)  It wasn’t as good as FreeBirds, but it was certainly not bad for $8.00 of stadium food.  I got chicken, refried beans, and chili con queso on it.  Mmmm, mmmm….