Review – Mi Familia – Roanoke, Texas

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I think that Mi Familia a little better than “A-OK.”

I went for lunch today. For starters, I started chomping down on the chips and salsa. The chips and salsa are AWESOME here. Not in a Pappasito’s kind of way, more in just a “classic Mexican joint” kind of way. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the salsa, it was just a perfect–not too spicy, with a great texture and not too watery. The chips worked very well as well. The chips are notable as they seem to have some kind of a flavor (perhaps a kind of seasoned salt?) that has been sprinkled on them when you get them. It’s awesome.

After I got done comping down 2 bowls of salsa, we then ordered a queso. The queso was very good as well (I’d probably give it 4 stars.) However, the salsa was so good that I kept going back to that.

For my meal, I ordered the chicken fajita lunch special (I think that’s #11.) This was ok but a bit underwhelming… When I order fajitas, I’m pretty damn picky. I expect for them to come on a skillet, still sizzling. They don’t do that here (at least for lunch.) They’ll serve you the fajitas on a plate with rice and beans. The lunch portion seemed to have too much veggies and not enough chicken. The other thing that was kind of crazy is that they only gave me a total of 2 tortillas. I figure that if you’re going to serve fajitas like this, if I was the restaurant, I would probably describe the lunch special as “chicken fajita tacos” and rolling them before serving them.

I didn’t really eat the rice, but I did eat most of my beans. They were okay… I’d give them 2 and a half stars.

Our service was a bit slow–it took us a while to get our food and even to get rolling on our appetizer. (And there weren’t a ton of people in the restaurant–most of them seemed to be on the patio, which looks happening here at lunch time.) Our server was nice, though.

I’d probably return, but for lunch, I’d probably go for the bean and cheese burrito and beef taco combo. (I forget what number that was.)

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