LA Gourmet Pepperoni Pizza


LA Gourmet is probably one of my favorite Pizzas in Dallas.  (Picasso’s is right next to it.  Those are my top two.)

I brought Alicia (my fiancee) some Pizza while she was at work last night.  This is our standard pizza–an XL “takeout special” (two topping) with pepperoni and extra cheese.  I also order extra “garlic aioli” sauce, which is also shown in the picture.  It’s a creamy sauce that looks like ranch, but it’s more like a creamy garlic-butter type sauce.  It’s so good…  I’m pretty sure they slip some crack in there as well.  Anyhow, it (and the pizza) keeps me coming back.

I’m writing this as I’m watching the Colts Vs. The Browns today (9/18), and I just finished the leftovers of this pizza for lunch, so I’ll tag this as both lunch and dinner.

I’m pretty sure I wrote a review on LA Gourmet, so I’ll dig it out and replicate it here.

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