Review: Picasso’s


Picasso’s is either my first or second pizza joint in Dallas.  I’m not sure which.  (LA Gourmet is the other).  And I like them both for completely different reasons.  They’re both unusual in their own way–their pizzas have special features that are purely unique to them.

Picasso’s is notable for the quality of their pizza, and the selection of toppings, and (most notably) their very unique crust selections as well.

My favorites are the masterpiece (which I think is their most ordered Pizza), and my personal favorite–the sweet and hot (or the sweet and hot supreme).  I forget all the toppings that come on it, but it has hot stuff (like peppers and sausage), and sweet stuff (like pineapple.)  I’ll say this–I usually hate pineapple on Pizza, but Picasso’s does it in a way that is very smooth–you get a little bit of sweet, without having to deal with the texture that you think of when you think “pineapple on a pizza.”

Also–one last thing on the pizza–I’d recommend splurging for the butter crust or calzone crust.  Each are outstanding (the butter crust is kind of like the calzone crust without filling.)

Picasso’s also provides their customers free wifi.  They have plenty of TV screens in each room–not quite approaching “sports bar” level, but almost.  (Unfortunately, they do not have NFL Sunday Ticket, which is a bummer.  If the game I was watching was over the air, this would be a good place to watch the game.)

They also have pasta, and a plethora of other dishes too.  (I remember seeing Fajitas also.)  I can’t speak about these dishes, because I’ve never been able to order anything but the pizza.

Quick Tip:  If you’re like most travelers in Dallas, the American Airlines dining program allows you to sign up your credit card (for no charge) with them, and every time you eat at one of their affiliate restaurants, you get AAdvantage miles.  Picasso’s is probably my favorite restaurant in Dallas for this.

Also notable:  A good friend of mine requires a “Gluten-Free” diet, and Picasso’s is able to provide a Gluten Free pizza.  This is a great place to check out for this feature.

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