Review: LA Gourmet Pizza

LA Gourmet Pizza

Probably one of the most overlooked pizzas in Dallas.

LA Gourmet Pizza is a very unique pizza joint, that I frequent.  I always get either a pepperoni pizza or the primo pepperoni pizza.

The pizza is thin crust, but certainly has a just-sweet-enough sauce and has a good body to it.  It’s not crispy-thin.

The most unique thing about LA Gourmet is the white sauce (which they have a specific name for, but it escapes me now).  Many mistake it for ranch, but really it’s not ranch at all…  I’m not sure really what it is.  It’s GREAT for dipping the pizza into (i.e. – not just the crust.)

I’m tagging this “Greek” also, as they also have gyros, though I’ve never had them.

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